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By Harold McDonell
Past Show Chair

I know. It really seems too soon to be thinking about our Hosta Show on May 11, but it’s not. There is much to do between now and show time. First, there are many jobs to be filled, an absolute must if the show and plant sale...read the entire article

   Late Winter & Early Spring
Garden Preparation       
by W. George Schmid

A Bull's Eye!

Playing dart board with the older grandchildren over the Christmas holidays reminded me that hitting the bull's eye requires careful aim and  a steady footing. The dart will hit the target only if the aim is properly located. In aiming, location is everything. If you want to hit the bull's eye in your garden this spring,  it will be just as necessary to carefully aim your preparations... read the entire article

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Hostas come in many sizes and shapes in shades of green, gold, blue. Variegated hostas are very common and are quite popular. There is a hosta to fill your needs in just about any situation in your garden. Information on how to join The Georgia Hosta Society along with our meeting schedules can be found on this web site. Please consider joining The Georgia Hosta society and join with us at our meetings, plant sales and auctions, our annual hosta show, and other activities.