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For yearly dues of $15 for an individual or $25 for a family membership, you receive the following:

  • Four very informative meetings per year. The Society invites speakers to talk about hostas and other gardening topics.
  • An “Education Corner” before one of the meetings where members can ask questions about hostas and learn more about the topic of the day.
  • One of the four meetings is an ice cream social where we get together as friends and enjoy home made ice cream from some of the members.
  • A plant auction at one of the meetings where friendly competition among members brings in money to support the Georgia Hosta Society.
  • An annual Hosta Leaf Show where you not only learn about hostas, but compete with fellow members for the best leaves in the show. You get bragging rights for a year along with ribbons and prizes for the best leaves in the show. The Hosta Leaf Show is a wonderful way to learn about hostas you might like to add to your garden even if you do not compete in the show.
  • Four newsletters each year with information about hostas, membership activities and upcoming events.
  • Our evolving web site, where you current information on what's going on with the Georgia Hosta Society, articles on growing hostas, interesting web links to other hosta lovers' sites, and sources for the latest hostas.
  • Attend one of our meetings and join the Georgia Hosta Society. You'll be glad you did.

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The GHS also encourages our members to join the American Hosta Society. Please visit the AHS website or print out the membership application at JOIN AHS.
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